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The books module is a module for the PostNuke Content Management System. PostNuke is a powerfull open-source'd and highly modularised CMS. It can be extended with so called "modules". This is one of them.

If your are looking for a module to integrate books recommendations into your postnuke'd site, this is the module to use. Every book can have

  • a description
  • a cover scan
  • book-specific informations such as author, isbn, a.s.o.
  • an editors review

Your web site users may

  • suggest books
  • rate a book (aka voting)
  • comment a book
  • order that book

Ordering a book is done by transfering the user to an online bookstore such as, or equal. If you have an affiliate agreement with these bookstore, they will give you money for every book that was purchased from your recommendation.

Administration of the books is very easy. You do not need to be a webmaster to handle that.

Installation of the books module is just a "drop-in" procedure. No core files need to be modfied.

There are a lot of ideas and suggestions how to use the books module as a way to present any catalogue of products:

  • eBooks
  • Software
  • Music CDs
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Development & History

The books module was original designed to work with a highly customized version of the postnuke-0.64. After great response in the postnuke community it was brought to postnuke module standards.

The books module was developed by Michael Schatz for the german site, a building physics site.

In January 2002 Olivier Guillet aka keops jumped in and tweaked the books module to work with Postnuke 0.7. He did a lot of the work wich lead to the books release v0.6. It became a very popular module, used across many sites.

In June 2002 Jason Levitt aka FredB raised his head. After great supporting users in the community on YAHOO! Groups for pn-mod-books, he started working on the module itself. Together with Olivier he made up the latest books release v0.712. This release has many new features and a clean layout. Try it, you'll like it.

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Live Demonstration

Click on any image below to see an online live demonstration of the books module in action:

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The books module is supported on the YAHOO! Groups for pn-mod-books page. Please browse the archive and the FAQ or submit any support request.

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